Caitlin Terzulli Psychotherapy

Authentic. Creative. Collaborative.


I provide individual therapy for adolescents and adults, relationship therapy, and family therapy. I am dedicated to working with wide range of individuals and concerns. I have extensive experience and a passion for working with substance users and their loved ones, individuals living with chronic illness or pain, adolescents/young adults, couples, mindfulness, and creative thinkers.


I offer harm reduction psychotherapy to individuals or couples impacted by substance use/misuse. I approach conversations about drug and alcohol use without judgment and do not assume abstinence is the goal. I can support you and/or your relationship in creating a healthy and balanced connection with alcohol or drugs.

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My work with teens is focused on being approachable, empathic, and client centered. I aim to create a space for the young person to feel like they can talk without being judged and that is separate from their family. Ideally, I can create a confidential space so they can share their experiences without worry of impacting their family and friends. I can incorporate family therapy if desired and this can be done in various ways depending on the family’s needs. 

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I work with individuals who want to increase self-awareness and cultivate a fulfilling life. I take into account how various aspects of your identity influence your daily life and incorporate this into how we look at your healing. I will focus on building upon your strengths through the use of reflections, interpretations, and problem solving. 


I work with people in various relationship formations who feel stuck in harmful communication patterns. I support relationships in developing a present moment awareness of distressing communication patterns and using this information to cultivate strategies aimed at increasing feeling understood and validated by each other.


My rates are consistent with that of other clinical psychotherapists in the Berkeley area. I have a sliding scale rate for those who demonstrate a financial need. Please contact me at (510) 859-7673 to discuss my hourly rate and your particular situation. I am happy to work with you.

 Caitlin Terzulli

Licensed Clinical Social Worker in California #68041 / New York #73083097
Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor, Master's Level, California #156053 IV