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Individual Psychotherapy

I work with individuals of all ages who want to increase self-awareness and cultivate a fulfilling life. I take into account how various aspects of your identity influence your daily life and incorporate this into how we look at your healing. I will focus on building upon your strengths through the use of reflections, interpretations, and problem solving. 


Adolescent Psychotherapy

Due to the special makeup of young adulthood it takes a unique therapeutic approach. I have worked with adolescents (and young adults) for over 14 years and have successfully engaged them in individual and family therapy. I specialize on working with gender-expansive teens, teens who engage in risk taking behaviors such as substance misuse or self-harm, and first generation American teens. My work with teens is focused on being approachable, empathic, and client centered. I aim to create a space for the young person to feel like they can talk without being judged and that is separate from their family.  I can incorporate family therapy or provide separate parent support, if desired, and this can be done in various ways depending on the family’s needs. 


Harm Reduction Psychotherapy

I offer harm reduction psychotherapy to individuals or relationships impacted by substance use/misuse, chronic pain, impulsivity, or any risky pattern. I approach conversations about these patterns without judgment and do not assume abstinence is the goal. I can support you and/or your relationship in creating a healthy and balanced connection with your cravings and needs.

For more about harm reduction and links to resources please click here


Sex Therapy

I work with individuals and couples that feel stuck in their relationship to their own sexuality or their sex life with another person(s). Sexual health and pleasure is a central part of life that can influence overall wellbeing. I support the development of a present moment awareness of distressing patterns and use this information to cultivate strategies aimed at increasing satisfaction.

If you or someone you know might need support I would love to hear from you.